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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today was such a tired day for me, woke up quite early  because of the noise of the mower, arrggg!!
went out for some groceries.
After finish for the Errands, we stop by a patisseries shop name PATTISON'S PATISSERIES,and i saw this - RELIGIEUSE. the pastry that i know because of miniature but never try before. For those who not so familiar for this pastry, here are some definition:

Religieuse is a pastry made of two "choux" of choux pastry filled with custard.
A chou is placed on top of the other, then sealed to it.
"Religieuse" meaning "nun", the top chou is supposed to represent the nun's head and the bottom one, her body.

i made those chocolate's religieuse very long time ago, and i made those colourful religieuse just a while ago, can see the different right? after tasted the real religieuse, and getting so close to it, i think i will improve my skill next time.

........ i am so full now, after tasted the Religieuse, i love it sooo much, Definitely will list it into my FAV corner

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