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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talented People

ok, what we gonna talk this week? Honestly, i have no idea..:P i have visit snowfern website yesterday, she have a moon cake made in scale 1:12, they are very gorgeous  I personally heart with the piglet in the basket, she make me think/wonder the whole day to figure out how she manage to make it. Well is -TALENT, she is so talented and hardworking + aggressive. Oh well, hope she can make/teach more tutorial about her work like gummy bear, and the little piglet in basket. And of course keep making good miniature.

well, since not much work to do, i browse the forum a bit and saw Angie Scarr interview in the tutorial board. She is an amazing person, talented, nice and hardworking, the member ask a lot of question, and i have a lots of knowledge in my pocket now.

I think is the turn for me to talk about myself, i done nothing in miniature this week, :( oh well, instead of making miniature, i end up making/knitting/crocheting some doll and doll dress. Well, i think that it for this week, hope i manage to make some miniature this week.

wish you all have a great week!!



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