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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fake Or Real

After the mood for making dolls dress, here are my miniature creation, i love to make bread very much, is so cool to imagine myself own an bakery and playing with the flour everyday.

Beside making Bread , I also make some oranges, basically, i love to imagine my self as a trader in a small town selling fruit, bread,patisserie herb and magic potion.. just like the picture of those RPG Game.

Please share it if you like my work and if you like these cute miniature appear in your house please visit my Etsy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bread in progress

What a busy week! below are the mini bread that i baked for my mini bread house. 

The loaf is the 1st attempt after i don't satisfied with my pumpkin toast that i made for falls and pre      Halloween, the result is perfect! 

i also make some raisin bread, actually i don't like raisin at all but they have a nice presentation.
The loaf and the raisin bread are approximately 3cm long.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm feeling lost at the moment. i think my minis are not perfect enough :( struggle to make the perfect and real miniature and perfect photo.taking nice photo are just killing me!.. when i visited other artisan's blog, seeing people making awesome work make me feel so good and keen to work harder for myself... gasp... my darling said i give myself too much pressure.. oh well.. i wish i can let go a bit, making miniature are for leisure not for pressure. it should make me feel relax but not stress..

here are my falls and pre halloween minis. For this batch, i am happy the finish for the photo and the minis, thank god, it boost back a little confidence!


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