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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A brand new ME - A table at my backyard

Too many things that happen lately that does matter me. Now, i had make an agreement with myself that i will put all unhappy things behind and live life to the max, life is too short and too silly to worried things that are not worth it. So now, please wish me luck. Since blogger have a new look, i decided to give my blog a new look too. I decided to separate my craft into two blog,

  • 1st is the exiting blog for only miniature
  • 2nd is for the craft things that i make or idea that are not miniature.

I hope this will work, i will announce it later once i complete the new blog.

At the period of absence, i made a theme miniature, I named it "A table at my backyard"
I wish i will have this in my backyard one day in real scale of course.
I baked some doughnut  and waffle for my breakfast. After the great feast, i start potting my succulent plant, my hubby bought me some peonies at the market on his way home from badminton, and i found an old picture frame in the garage. Phew... after all the hard work, i had cookies and strawberry/blueberry custard tart as afternoon tea.



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