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Saturday, December 17, 2011

moving house

Hi guys,

Just wanna write a short post telling all my friends that I been busy moving house and unable to blog and produce miniature or Blythe outfit. I will see you guys next year!! I wanna wish you guys Merry Christmas and Happy New year!! Wish all of us have a very good start in year 2012 , healthy, wealthy and happy always!!                                                     


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back to Basic - Gardening

I've been lazy and moody this few days, i decided to refresh my skill and back to basic of making miniature apples and pears. I had make two type of apple here which is 'Red Delicious Apple' and 'Fuji Apple'.I make some 'Nashi Pear' as well. Peonies is my 2nd attempt, making a perfect Peony still a long way for me.. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fake Or Real

After the mood for making dolls dress, here are my miniature creation, i love to make bread very much, is so cool to imagine myself own an bakery and playing with the flour everyday.

Beside making Bread , I also make some oranges, basically, i love to imagine my self as a trader in a small town selling fruit, bread,patisserie herb and magic potion.. just like the picture of those RPG Game.

Please share it if you like my work and if you like these cute miniature appear in your house please visit my Etsy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bread in progress

What a busy week! below are the mini bread that i baked for my mini bread house. 

The loaf is the 1st attempt after i don't satisfied with my pumpkin toast that i made for falls and pre      Halloween, the result is perfect! 

i also make some raisin bread, actually i don't like raisin at all but they have a nice presentation.
The loaf and the raisin bread are approximately 3cm long.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm feeling lost at the moment. i think my minis are not perfect enough :( struggle to make the perfect and real miniature and perfect photo.taking nice photo are just killing me!.. when i visited other artisan's blog, seeing people making awesome work make me feel so good and keen to work harder for myself... gasp... my darling said i give myself too much pressure.. oh well.. i wish i can let go a bit, making miniature are for leisure not for pressure. it should make me feel relax but not stress..

here are my falls and pre halloween minis. For this batch, i am happy the finish for the photo and the minis, thank god, it boost back a little confidence!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mintwonderland - Signature Humble Hamburger

miniature Hamburger : 3cm

Inspired  by British chef Heston Blumenthal. The Original recipe just look amazing, you definitely can't resist when you see the picture. Are you ready?

still far from  perfect :( replaced the milkshake with beer, just because i don't have milkshake cup sad.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today was such a tired day for me, woke up quite early  because of the noise of the mower, arrggg!!
went out for some groceries.
After finish for the Errands, we stop by a patisseries shop name PATTISON'S PATISSERIES,and i saw this - RELIGIEUSE. the pastry that i know because of miniature but never try before. For those who not so familiar for this pastry, here are some definition:

Religieuse is a pastry made of two "choux" of choux pastry filled with custard.
A chou is placed on top of the other, then sealed to it.
"Religieuse" meaning "nun", the top chou is supposed to represent the nun's head and the bottom one, her body.

i made those chocolate's religieuse very long time ago, and i made those colourful religieuse just a while ago, can see the different right? after tasted the real religieuse, and getting so close to it, i think i will improve my skill next time.

........ i am so full now, after tasted the Religieuse, i love it sooo much, Definitely will list it into my FAV corner

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moon Cake Festival - Fruity/Fancy Flavor

these are the Fancy/Fruity flavor of moon cake or mochi.

Clockwise: APPLE flavor, STRAWBERRY Flavor, CHOCOLATE flavor and DURIAN flavor.

you can see more detail of the Photo BELOW:


Moon Cake Festival - Original Flavor

Hi There,

I had make a lot of moon cake last week. the MOON cake Festival/Mid Autumn Festival is fall on 12 Sept this year. Is a Chinese Festival, is quite important for Chinese, on that day, they will have dinner together and play lantern as well.

Moon cake behind the scene. the green mat are actually my working mat.

These Moon CAKE are ORIGINAL flavor, it taste sweet, the brown thing is actually lotus paste. we usually eat with jasmine tea or green tea.

Three different size of miniature moon cake

the orange things there are cooked egg yolk, is a bit salty so its balance the sweet of lotus paste.
i will PUT them in my SHOP tomorrow. Yawn .... so sleepy, is already 12:40 in the morning. need to go to sleep once i done uploading.



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