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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moon Cake Festival - Original Flavor

Hi There,

I had make a lot of moon cake last week. the MOON cake Festival/Mid Autumn Festival is fall on 12 Sept this year. Is a Chinese Festival, is quite important for Chinese, on that day, they will have dinner together and play lantern as well.

Moon cake behind the scene. the green mat are actually my working mat.

These Moon CAKE are ORIGINAL flavor, it taste sweet, the brown thing is actually lotus paste. we usually eat with jasmine tea or green tea.

Three different size of miniature moon cake

the orange things there are cooked egg yolk, is a bit salty so its balance the sweet of lotus paste.
i will PUT them in my SHOP tomorrow. Yawn .... so sleepy, is already 12:40 in the morning. need to go to sleep once i done uploading.


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