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Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Per Day

Argg!! my camera's charger is "DeaD" i think, it just can't charge my Battery... 

These are the miniature food that i made last week, Each DISH per DAys, it very FUN of 
Making THEM
So my Routine WORK last WEEk will be :
Wake Up
Go for WORK
Come Back
Dinner ( not as delicious as the miniS i made)

I very enjoyed One per day making, its can see/FINISH your minis InstantLY. No PENDING, Waiting..


Japanese CURRY rice.
I ate this DISH before but never cook it. Is quite nice and not spicy AT ALL.

Miniature Japanese Curry Rice
Finish Plate: 3cm

Stuffed Tomato.

Honestly i never try this DISH before,
all i CAN do is imagine.
OHH, I'm FULL now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Work in progress

GeoTagged, [S33.83582, W151.12648]

mooncake or mid autumn festival is around the corner, I'm baking some moon cake to celebrate with my mom this year, hope it's will turn out well.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Savory Omelet

Miniature Savory Omelet.
Plate size:2.5cm
Many miniature food that i made are  never taste before, i am a very picky for food, and too many things i don't dare to try.Making miniature food is best place for me to imagine.I hope you will like my savory ometlet with noodle.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Apple caramel

my 1st attempt for these apple caramel, i think my apple look not so real, and the almond as well. will try 2nd attempt.

Happy time

i love the feeling when you sold something online, , For me, my net business doesn't gain much profit , but the happiness which money can't buy which is  someone like and appreciated your work!!


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