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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hobby - Donut

Since i decided to live more happier, i tried to figure out what i use to do that make me feel better, what i had forgotten long time ago or somethings that i put aside ago dude to life interruption. I decided to

  1. read again
  2. make some zakka when i need a break for making miniature.
  3. style my hair
  4. tidy my wardrobe for new fashion
  5. drawing
  6. making dessert and pastry
  7. put more effort in cooking
  8. home decor
well, i think the above will keep me busy at least for a while.

Today , I'd made some donuts. Still in progress for the icing and flavor, this is just a pre and plain donut before the colour.


Ascension said...

Muchas cosas para hacer.......pero seguro que disfrutas mas haciendo miniaturas jejeje
Fantastico trabajo, se ven deliciosos.
besitos ascension

mintwonderland said...

Ya.. i wish they will keep me busy for a while, better than nothing to do right? thanks ascension

Isabel said...

Siempre es bueno estar ocupado. Tus donuts son preciosos! Besitos


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