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Friday, November 5, 2010

Lovely trip and a multitable Pt 1

Nothing fancy, just some minis that i made in the past few weeks, and the table was bought in black heath, blue mountain, NSW back in August.
When i saw this little shop i was very excited, i am not so sure at the 1st time i passed by, when the 2nd time i passed by, i know this is the one, they put a large dollhouse outside the shop.
this shop actually sell most of the dollhouse stuff, they sell furniture, lights and some cookware. they also sell some antique stuff there which is not miniature as well.
the lady was lovely, she told me some of the miniature was made by a local old lady.
my mom and i spend and hour in the shop, i get myself this little table which is $4 and some cookware. i ll post some photos next time for sharing, and my mom bought a beautiful wind charm.

Is a very wonderful trip, i love it very much.

let me introduce the miniatures in case you don't know what is it, because of my skill XD

on the table from the upper left: hot cross bun with chocolate chip, braided loaf, BLT sourdough sandwich, chocolate tart dressed with almond flake.

lower left: French loaf serve with Vegemite, strawberry mousse cake, orange shortcake, banana choco mousse cake, peach tartlet, raspberry tartlet and strawberry tartlet and cupcake. 

i hope you all enjoy what i had served you today.Have a nice weekend.

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