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Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Per Day

Argg!! my camera's charger is "DeaD" i think, it just can't charge my Battery... 

These are the miniature food that i made last week, Each DISH per DAys, it very FUN of 
Making THEM
So my Routine WORK last WEEk will be :
Wake Up
Go for WORK
Come Back
Dinner ( not as delicious as the miniS i made)

I very enjoyed One per day making, its can see/FINISH your minis InstantLY. No PENDING, Waiting..


Japanese CURRY rice.
I ate this DISH before but never cook it. Is quite nice and not spicy AT ALL.

Miniature Japanese Curry Rice
Finish Plate: 3cm

Stuffed Tomato.

Honestly i never try this DISH before,
all i CAN do is imagine.
OHH, I'm FULL now.

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